Podcast 040: Zero to Immersion Weekend with Devin Blankenship

Irish landscape

Discussion podcast about learning to speak Irish Gaelic (in English). Devin Blankenship is founder and president of the Indiana Celtic Community. After traveling to Ireland, he attended an Irish language immersion weekend in Madison, Wisconsin. He went on to found a regular study group in Bloomington, Indiana, where he also run their annual Irish Gaelic immersion weekend.

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The Irish Language is in Great Danger


Imagine this. The town of Ennis, County Clare in Ireland (where I grew up) has about 30,000 inhabitants. Let’s say each of those inhabitants spoke a peculiar language that nobody else spoke.

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Podcast 039: Three Bold Predications for the Irish Language


The future of the Irish language is unsure and controversial. Hear our three long-term predictions for the Irish language.

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Small Regular Bites Beat Big Batches

Learn Irish Gaelic

Imagine a world where the only way to achieve something was to do it all day, every day, until you mastered it. You could apply this concept to how to use a new app you installed, how to perfectly cook a new dish, or learning a language.

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Podcast 038: Ten Reasons to Speak Irish Gaelic

Learn Irish Online

Podcast about learning to speak Irish Gaelic (in English). Do you need a bit of motivation for speaking some Irish Gaelic? Eoin covers the top ten reasons for speaking Ireland’s native language

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Discover Irish Heritage through its Music and Instruments

Irish Lake - Learn Irish

Whether you want to learn Irish or simply learn more about this beautiful place on Earth and its history, the following infographic should satisfy at least some of your curiosities.

You’ll learn about Irish traditional music and instruments from the Celts in 500 BC to present day. Traditional Irish music is a tradition whose origins can be traced back to almost 2000 years ago when the Celts first arrived in Ireland.

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Podcast 037: Abarta Audio Guides with Neil Jackman

Kerry, Ireland - Learn Irish

Discussion podcast about learning to speak Irish Gaelic (in English). Neil Jackman founded Abarta Audio Guides. They’re downloadable, easy-to-follow, guides for tourist spots across Ireland.

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Recent questions from Irish learners

Killarney - Learn Irish

Below are three recent questions we’ve received at Bitesize Irish Gaelic from learners of Irish Gaelic. Our Irish language expert is at hand, so you’re not alone learning to speak Irish.

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Podcast 036: It’s All In Your Perspective, with Karen Reshkin

Kerry, Ireland - Learn Irish

Discussion podcast about learning to speak Irish Gaelic (in English). This is an interview with Karen Reshkin from Chicago is an Irish language instructor at Na Gaeil. She’s also a musician, playing the fiddle

Karen is an accomplished Irish language speaker.

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Frustrated With Pronouncing “Go Breá” in Irish Gaelic

Kerry, Ireland - learn Irish

The pronunciation of written Irish Gaelic is often an obstacle for learners of our native Irish language. There are also new sounds you’ll hear, that are new to your ear.

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