Available again: The Story of Irish / Scéal na Gaeilge videos

Scéal na Gaeilge - Irish language history

Scéal na Gaeilge Irish language “historical documentary”.

Do you love everything about Ireland and the Irish language, but don’t really know the history of the language?

It’s a fascinating and emotional history. It show how really worth is to speak Irish to keep your Irish heritage alive.

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Podcast 017: Is Eoin a native speaker of Irish?


Lots of listener questions, plus emails we have received about learning to speak the native language of Ireland. Eoin also addresses a forum thread about whether or not he’s an native speaker of Irish. What’s your opinion? Read on, and leave your comment at the end of this page.

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A-Z in reasons to visit Ireland

There are many reasons to visit Ireland – using some Irish language phrases on the locals should be one of them!

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Oops: We’ve been teaching you Scottish Gaelic all along

Scotland or Switzerland

Breathtaking view of Scotland. Or is it Switzerland?

Limerick, April 1 2014: I don’t know how to put this.

It’s our bad.

People are constantly getting confused between Irish vs Gaelic, right?

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Podcast 016: Take the plunge to visit Ireland with Stephanie of InfiniteIreland.com


Have you often dreamed of visiting Ireland, but life keeps getting in the way? Would you love to “come home” to Ireland, but can’t decide where to start?

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Don’t know the word? English-Irish dictionary Focloir.ie

English-Irish dictionary

English-Irish dictionary Focloir.ie.

If you’re learning to speak Irish (such as with our Bitesize lessons), you’ll soon reach the need for a dictionary.

Today we’d like to highlight to English-Irish dictionary found at focloir.ie.

(By the way, if you’re looking for an overview of Irish dictionaries, see our Irish dictionaries post.)

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Celebrate your Irish heritage: St. Patrick’s Day Bonanza

Irish offer

Bonus paperback book, and Amazon 5-star rated album for new and returning members.

Speaking Irish is a way of embracing your Irish heritage in a way that you could never do with music, movies and books alone (as Brian said in our most recent discussion podcast). It’s a way to celebrate your Irish heritage, and to keep it alive.

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Podcast 015: Ever considered moving to Ireland?

2005-06.killarney.Cill Áirne (9)

Have you ever thought about making the commitment of actually moving to Ireland? Hear from Brian Casey – Briain Ó Casathaigh – who moved to Ireland in 2013. His first ever trip to Ireland was only during the year before that. They sold just about everything, and made the leap.

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Wildlife you might catch a glimpse of in Ireland


One of the great things about exploring Ireland is that the wildlife is very accessible.

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St. Patrick’s Day: Three Irish Gaelic things EVERYBODY can say


St. Patrick spoke the Irish language. You can share a little Irish with your friends, to really connect with Ireland’s Gaelic culture.

St. Patrick would have had no choice but to speak it, in order to spread his religious message.

Not sure about Irish vs Gaelic? Watch our Irish vs Gaelic video to find out more.

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