Podcast 036: It’s All In Your Perspective, with Karen Reshkin

Kerry, Ireland - Learn Irish

Discussion podcast about learning to speak Irish Gaelic (in English). This is an interview with Karen Reshkin from Chicago is an Irish language instructor at Na Gaeil. She’s also a musician, playing the fiddle

Karen is an accomplished Irish language speaker.

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Frustrated With Pronouncing “Go Breá” in Irish Gaelic

Kerry, Ireland - learn Irish

The pronunciation of written Irish Gaelic is often an obstacle for learners of our native Irish language. There are also new sounds you’ll hear, that are new to your ear.

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Podcast 035: Irish Language in Portland, Oregan with Brian Ó hAirt

Lough - Learn Irish

Podcast interview in the English language. Brian Ó hAirt is an American sean-nós singer, musician, and a speaker of the Irish Language.

Brian shares his connection with Ireland’s real culture, through song and Irish Gaelic.

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More and Better: Bitesize Irish Gaelic Lessons

We’re pleased to announce an expansion and improvement to our Bitesize Irish Gaelic online program.

Let me first explain to you newcomers what the program is all about. Our motto is that you learn to speak the language of your Irish ancestors, in easy Bitesize portions.

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Podcast 034: A Russian in Ireland with Elena Clancy

Kerry - Learn Irish

After about 13 years in Ireland, Elena Clancy shares her experiences with traveling around Ireland. She’s originally from Siberia in Russia, and now lives in Cork.

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Mobile Bites: Accessing Bitesize Irish Gaelic on Your Phone

Kerry, Ireland - Learn Irish

It’s funny how the world can change quite quickly.

When we launched our Bitesize Irish Gaelic program in 2010 publicly (all with about 30 lessons!), using your mobile to surf the internet was still in its infancy really.

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Podcast 033: Inis Meáin documentary with Ceri Garfield

Killarney - Learn Irish

Inis Meáin is a small island off Ireland’s Atlantic west coast. It’s a strong Gaeltacht area, where the Irish language is spoken.

Ceri Garfield spent five months with Máire Pháidín on the island, who is a “legend” on the island. The documentary will be called “Cé hÍ Máire Pháidín?” (which means, “Who Is Máire Pháidín?”).

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CD and PDFs Now Available for Irish Gaelic Audio Crash Course

Lough, Derg - Learn Irish

Do you feel like you’re a bit stuck at the beginning with learning to speak Irish Gaelic?

Our audio lessons (based on our Bitesize Irish Gaelic program) were only available in two options up until now:

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Finding the Best Way to Help You Speak Irish Gaelic

Kerry, Ireland - Learn Irish

Just recently, I wrote about our efforts to provide a service of one-to-one tutors for helping you learn to speak Irish Gaelic.

I’ve decided that this incarnation of the tutor service will not go ahead, to be able to focus on our strengths for helping you.

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Podcast 032: Belfast Native Conchúr McNeasa

Living around Kansas City, Conchúr is a native of Belfast city. Eoin met him at Kansas City Irish Fest in 2014.

Irish in Kansas City

Conchúr (on the left) at Kansas City Irish Fest.

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