Is Emigration Still An Issue In Ireland?

Through the years, Ireland has been known for its emigration. What is the situation now? Our thanks go to Wedding Band Shop for the infographic and their great Irish rings. Continue reading

Podcast 023: Start something, with Dineen Grow


Based in Madison, Wisconsin, Dineen Grow has spent years helping others around her who also share her enthusiasm for speaking Irish Gaelic.

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Photo taster of Willie Clancy music week

Lynch's Miltown Malbay

All-men scene in from of Lynch’s pub in Miltown Malbay, County Clare, Ireland.

The Willie Clancy Summer School is the place to come to learn to play traditional Irish music from today’s great players.

It’s held over a week. People travel from all over the world to be part of this event.

It takes place in a town call Miltown Malbay, or Sráid na Cathrach. The town is near the western Atlantic coast of Ireland.

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Podcast 022: Life in Medieval Ireland with Fin Dwyer

Ireland has been through some turbulent times, and the Irish language (Irish Gaelic) is not exception. Eoin is joined this week by Fin Dwyer of Irish History Podcast. Fin is an historian living in Dublin.

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Three little questions for you about this blog

img_0035-kerry-ireland[1]We at Bitesize Irish Gaelic are here to help you make a deeper connection with your Irish heritage. Continue reading

Podcast 21: Why you should attend an Irish language immersion weekend

Mara Bernstein doesn’t seem to have a drop of Irish blood, but that didn’t stop her from learning and promoting the Irish language. She’s one of the main organizers of the Bloomington, Indiana Irish Language Immersion weekend.

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Podcast 20: How to use the Irish language with locals, with Jody Halstead

2005-06.killarney.Cill Áirne (20) (1)

Are you planning to visit Ireland? How about using a couple of words of the Irish language on the locals? Jody Halsted joins Eoin again, sharing her top tips on how to introduce some Irish conversation when speaking with the locals.

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Short and regular learning: Your best chance to learn to speak Irish

2005-06.killarney.Cill Áirne (8)I’ll keep this short, as that’s what we stand for at Bitesize Irish Gaelic.

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Podcast 19: Where can I attend Irish language summer courses and other listener questions

Listen to answers of fantastic listener and member questions about learning to speak the Irish language (Irish Gaelic).

What you’ll hear

  • Summer courses you can attend in Irish
  • Saying where you’re from
  • Intricacies of Scottish Gaelic, from an Irish Gaelic perspective
  • Story of an Australian living in New Zealand who uses Irish on the locals

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Watch video on the history of the Irish language

The video is all about the Irish language (Irish Gaelic).

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